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April 10, 2013     Montmorency County Tribune
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April 10, 2013

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013 The Montmorency County Tribune 11 New DVDs revie'ed in this colunm vill be released April 22, 21113 ICOUCH THeE PREVIEWS PICKS OF THE WEEK "Gangster Squad" fR) - Sean Penn plays Mickey Cohen, a maniacalvillain with a fond- ness for executing his rivals in style. In 1949 Los Angeles, Cohen has enough corrupt cops and politicians in his pocket to keep his op- eration going strong. Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling lead a team of daredevil policemen who fight back, not as cops, but as a heavily armed hit squad against crime. It's got panache. Scenes of LA nightclubs and gambling dens seem to glisten with pulpy nostalgia. Emma Stone does a fine job as the sultry lady tom between her gangster beau and the irresistible charms of Ryan Gosling dressed as a slick detective. Don't expect the classic noir-style complexity, "Gangster Squad" aims to be a hard-edged thriller in a nice suit. "The Impossible" (PG- 13) - In the 2004 tsu- namithat ravaged SoutheastAsia, one family is tom apart and put through a harrowing journey to reunite. Henry and Maria Bennet (Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts) are on vacation in Thailand with their three sons when a tidal wave smashes their resort and pulls the family in different directions. The aftermath is a tale of survival, and then hea.Vt- squeezing determination to find one an- other. Based on a true story, the film has a bal- anced approach to the action and emotion. The scenes with the tidal wave are grueling. The moral complexities and struggle for sur- vival in the immediate aftermath will keep you engaged ... although perhaps a bit queasy. Overall, when the movie reaches out to pull heartstrings, it hits the tight notes. "Promised Land" (R) - Steve Butler (Matt Damon) is a representative for a natural gas corporation. It's his job to convince strug- gling farmers to sell their land for drilling purposes, making both the farmer and the drillers rich. However, this kind of drilling can have devastating effects on the land. In one small town, Steve encounters resistance and faces a conflict of his own conscience. This is a movie with an obvious message, but it takes the time to explore different perspec- tives without vilifying the individuals in- volved. Naomi Watts and Tome Holland in "The Impossible" "Family Weekend" (R) - Emily (Olesya Rulin) is a teenage girl who is serious about her competitive jump-rope regionals. Her wealthy, quirky parents are shamelessly dis- interested in her life. To fix her family, Emily ties up her parents and teaches them lessons about appropriate conversation and how to show minimal support and attention for their children. It'g like an extended sitcom epi- sode. The R-rating might make you think it's a dark film, but it's very tame. It tries to bring in some emotional resolution, but nobody could possibly still care about it that far into the film. I' .?. 1. What 1999 song by Irish boy band Westlife became a hit for an "American Idol" performer? 2. Who was Running Bear? 3. What are the differences between "Country Road" and "Country Roads"? 4. Who had a hit with "This Girl Is a Woman Now"? 5. Name the song with this lyric. "It was only late last night, He was out there sneakin', Then he called you up to check that you were waiting bythe phone." Answers 1.."Flying Without Wings," as done by Ruben Studdard on his "Soulful" album. 2. A "young Indian brave" who loved Little White Dove in the 1959 Johnny Preston version of the song written by J.P. Richardson (aka The Big Bopper). 3. The first by James Taylor refers to the woods near the 6. The Host (PG-13) Saoirse Ronan, Max Massachusetts hospital when he once committed himself. The second, by John Denver, is about the West Virginia Irons countryside. 4. Gary Puckett & The Union Gap, in 1969. A Spanish cover of the song was done in 1972 by Nino Bravo. 5. "Cold-Hearted," by Paula Abdul in 1989. The song is sometimes mistitled "Cold Hearted Snake." The lyrics were a bit streetwise for that time, and the video provocative. 1. G.I. Joe: Retaliation (PG-13) Dwayne Johnson, D.J. Cotrona 2. The Croods (PG) animated 3. Tyler Perry's Temptation (PG-13) Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Vanessa Williams 4. Olympus Has Fallen (R) Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart 5. Oz the Great and Powerful (PG) James Franco, Michelle Williams 7. The Call (R) Halle Berry, Evie Thompson 8. Admission (PG-13) Tina Fey, Paul Rudd 9. Spring Breakers (R) Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez 10. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (PG- 13) Steve Carell, Luke Vanek by ci ndy elavsky : Will "Major Crimes" be back? I enjoyed the first season and felt it had a good cast. Hope we will see them again. - Amma B., via e-mail :,,As I reported in an earlier column, Major Crimes," which stars Mary McDonnell and is a spinoff of "The Closer," will return for a 15-episode sec- ond season. But now I have a premiere date to give you: June 10 at.9 p.m. ET/PT. I have a few more premiere dates of TNT favorites to reveal.Season three of "Fall- ing Skies" begins June 9 at 9 p.m. ET/PT with a two-hour season premiere. Gloria Reuben (Noah Wyle's fellow "ER" alum) and Robert Sean Leonard ("House") are set to guest-star this season. Season four of"Rizzoli and Isles" will start up June 18 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, followed by the second- season premiere of "Perception" at 10 p.m. "Franklin and Bash" kicks offits third season on June 24 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, as Heather Locklear joins the cast as the firm's newest parmer. Elizq: I love the newABC show "How to Live with Your Parents," especially eth Perkins. How does she like her new show? - ]eanette T., via e-mail A : When I spoke with Elizabeth re enfly, she told me what a joy it is to play Elaine in "How to Live": "There's nothing ordinary about Elaine, and I love it. I don't take ordinary roles. I sort of gravitate toward the odd ducks, and she's definitely an odd duck."Elaine is just filled with positive energy and life. And for her, the glass is always half-full. There's al- ways a positive outcome to everything, and she's completely nuts. I'm having a ball. She doesn't censor anything she feels or says. She puts her foot in her mouth, and she's completely unaware that she has. That's been a real treat for me." : Since Jimmy Fallon will be taking over The Tonight Show" when Jay Lend retires, does this mean Conan O'Brien could return to "Late Night"? - Debbi W., Akron, Ohio A : While all of this is still speculation /"]kand rumor, Jimmy is reportedly tak- ing over "The Tonight Show" beginning in fall 2014. TBS recently announced that Conan's show has been renewed through Nov. 2015. In Hollywood, anything is pos- sible, but if Conan were to return to NBC, it would have to be when his contract with El&abeth Perkins TBS is up. If they need someone to host "Late Night" during the one-year in- terim, my vote is with Joel McHale. f': W'tU "The Great Gatsby" ever be released? I remember it was sup- posed to come out around Christmas, but I've heard nothing about it since. - Nina H., The Villages, Fla. :uLeonardo DiCaprio again teams p with director Baz Luhrmann to star in this drama based on the book we all read in high school (and was one of my all-time favorites). "The Great Gatsby" will be making its way to theaters on May 10. Write to Cindy at King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475; or e-mail her at letters@cindyelavsky.com. "Wool" By Hugh Howey Reviewed by Ealish Waddell As long as anyone can remember, there has been the Silo. Al0ne oasis in a toxic, uninhabitable waste- land, the silo contains everything its inhabitants could possiblyneed, from hydroponically grown food to vast generators that provide elec- tricity to the levels drilled deep into the earth. It's treason to even think about the world outside. The pun- ishment is getting to find out first- hand exactly what Outside is like - - and die there. But some do wonder. Sheriff Holston's wife ventured Outside three years ago, leaving behind a cryptic message about conspira- cies and uprisings. When her heart- broken husband joins her soon af- ter, it leaves a jagged hole in the fabric of power. Enter Juliette, the fierce young mechanic recruited to replace Sheriff Holston. luliette has made her home in the deepest levels of the silo among the throbbirg en- gines that keep it alive, and she has no interest in its upper floors, much less its exterior. But when she too stumbles into the enigma behind her predecessor's disappearance, Recommended Reading it sparks a chain reaction that will propel her Outside and onto an unimaginable path that will change the fate of everyone in the silo ... and possibly even be- yond. It's difficult to describe too much about the plot of this grip- ping dystopian novel without hinting at conceptual and narra- tive surprises that are more saris- fyingly encountered organically. This is certainly a layered world both literally and figuratively. But even in the most extreme of circumstances, the characters and their actions, good and bad, remain recognizably and intrin- sically human. "Wool" is a self-published sen- sation that became an ebook bestseller and is now available in print for the first time, awelcome expansion of the audience for this engaging and powerfld story. P