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July 24, 2013     Montmorency County Tribune
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July 24, 2013

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8B Wednesday, July 24, 2013 The Montmorency County Tribune .= ,mr- CLUES ACROSS !. English monk (Olde English) 5. Computer music standard 9. South African prime minister 1948-54 10. A column of vertebrae 12. Noisy kisses 14. Pairing 17. Taxi drivers 18. Jason's princess consort 19. Ainu Darya fiver's old name 20. Founder of Babism 23. Confederate soldier 24. Lubricate 25. A woman of refmement 27. Mister 28. Make up something untrue 32. Mountainous region of Morocco 33. Mutual savings bank 35. Where angels fear to tread 42. Distance to top (abbr.) 43. Roman poet 44. Hebrew unit = 10 ephahs 46. Tai (vat. sp.) 47. Bishop (abbr.) 48. Tropical Asian starlings 49. Performance of an action 51. Animal neck hairs 52. Manufacturers 54. Repeat a poem aloud 55. Consumers of services 57. Supernatural forces 58. Gulp from a bottle 59. Root of taro plant CLUES DOWN 1. Fronts opposite 2. Am. moose 3. Cony 4. Article 5. Manused'pt (abbr.) 6. Inches per minute (abbr.) 7. Circle width (abbr.) 8. Entangle 9. Wet or dry eye degeneration 31. Root mean square (abbr.) 34. Small swimsuits 36. Sacred Hindu syllable 37. Workplace for scientific research 38. Schenectady County Airport 39. Fabric with a corded surface 40. Biblical Sumerian city 41. Cohlposition for nine 11. Best duck for down 42. 3 line Japanese verse 12. Chase away 45. Tear down 13. Saying or motto 46. Arrived extinct 15. Bird beak ~ 48. Former Portuguese seaport 16. 4th US state in China : 20. Cry made by sheep 49. 1/10 meter (abbr.) ; ( 21. General'S assistant (abbr.) 50. Increased in size ; 22. Ball striking club 51. Sewing repair of a garment 25. Parkinson's spokesper- 53. __ Lanka: island country son's initials 54. Radioactivity unit 26. 12th Greek letter 56. Hollywood's Lone Wolf 29. A bang-up quality initials 30. Unidentified flying object 57. Of I . L Fun By The 4 3 6 Numbers 2 1 8 7 Like puzzles? Then you'll love sudoku. This mind-bending Trivia by Wison Case : 8 3 4 7 puzzle will have you hooked from 7 the moment you square off, so 4 5 sharpen your pencil and put your sudoku 6 savvy to the tesU 1 4 8 3 4 I~.evel: Intermediate Here's How It Works: ,- Sudoku puzzles are formatted as agx9 grid, broken down into nine 3x3 boxes. To solve a sudoku, thenumbers 1 through 9 must fill each v, column and box. Each number can appear only once in each row, umn and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will pear by using the numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The r~ore numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle! ABCDEFGHiJKLHNOPCIRSTOVifXY] u m ~ammlnmuul * cP = ~ ,k + l~eter~tvt EKe cod.e I-o reveo.L Eke. ~vts~er! Solve the code to discover words related to farriers. Each number corresponds to a different letter. := (Hint: 22 = o) Q 26 22 10 2 17 Q 2 26 22 17 2 .m 26 22 22 1 "m 3 t0 22 9 17 12 9 a B~ C~ V~ C/Ue" Sai~egtl:}/d WORD SCRAMBLE Rearrange the letters in the word to spell something pertaining to horses. RRAREIF .~a.u.md :.~amsuV Born on July 22, 1940 in Canada, I began my career as a newscaster but went on to become a long-running host of a popular "IV quiz show. ~laqa~.~ x~lV :Jammer N E L A D S E D Y L C B S C L 14 N H Y D H E Y 0 T Y S Y N A G H S U H W F S D E N S K C 0 H T A C G 0 N G R U L S H R E D R A K Z C lr B K R N N A D E E K A K R R U 0 O G B Q H R A E "rT T R H N B U F E @ S F A N E Y L lrN L R B S F T A Y 0 S U D R S A E "rC C N B D E L U L Z B R S Y A H L 1'Q N A B 0 D L D T A R S W E A N B H E G U K N L L C L E A S N E N L G D A A E L I' H T U C 0 F E H S l H D O E D G 1" H E N Y E C Q C 0 D Y L U L 0 C 1' G K G S B E T R i,/ l B B D L Y B Y B K B D N B F U D T T B K N E H S A B A H E A O E 1' A N L E C O T R S L S T B T B C R K H G D R H A G O 0 0 A N U 1" 0 1'R 0 N C K K E E R 0 D A A D F S 0 C T C E L K B R A D N E E 1' N H C N 1"C R S H K T D R T K A R A R L G A N H N D U 1"A H H F U B S A B A H B 0 B U C K S K Z N B Y U C T N N N B R E 1"R R A F N F R 0 G C Find the words hidden vertically, horizontally & diagonat'l7 throughout the puzzle. WORDS AGED CLYDESDALE ALBINO COACH AMBLE COLT ANDALUSIAN CURB ARABIAN DAM BALD DRESSAGE BARN EQUINE BARREL FARRIER BASCULE FORELOCK BELGIAN FROG BIT HEELS BLISTERING HOCKS BLOODSTOCK IRONS BREEDING MANEGE BRINDLE RARE BUCKSKIN MUSTANG CANTER SADDLE CINCH NITHERS ARIES - Mar 21/Apr 20: Avoid LEO - Jul 23/Aug 23: Leo, a SAGITTARIUS- Nov 23/Dec 21: making an important decision discussion with a friend could be You will have to put forth some .this week, Aries. Your mind is significant this week, inspiring extra effort this week, Sagittarius. l:busy with too many ideas, and you to expand your goals and It mayfeel like othersaren't pull. -~ you will not be able to focus all pursue new dreams with confi- ingtheirweight, butyoustill need f of your attention on one task. dence. Be thankful for the to do what you have to do to get TAURUS - Apr 21/May 21: Tau- newfound inspiration, the job done. rus, you may find you are fo- VIRGO - Aug 24/Sept 22: Pro- CAPRICORN - Dec 22/Jan 20: cused on your finances this tectyourprivacythisweek, Virgo. Capricorn, take some extra time week. It's a good time to assess Though nothing serious is on the cleaning up in anticipation of an spending habits and make horizon, now is a good time era- unexpected guest. While com- some changes for the better, phasize safety and security for pany is always welcome, youwant GEMINI - May 22/Jun 21: you and your family, to have a tidy home to show off. Gemini, you may find that luck LIBRA - Sept 23/Oct 23: Rest- AQUARIUS - Jan 21/Feb 18: isonyoursidethisweekandyou lessness settles in this week, Li- Aquarius, enlist others to lend a can use this to your advantage, bra. You might want to plan a helping hand this week. Others Take some risks you might nor- little adventure, whether it is a may not offer their time and ef- really be hesitant to take. weekend trip or a night out on the fort, so be proactive in seeking CANCER - Jun 22/Jul 22: You town. The goal is to change the help with an important task. certainly are in the spotlight this scenery. PISCES - Feb 19/Mar 20: Pisces, week, Cancer. All of this atten- SCORPIO-Oct24/Nov22:Scor. it may be tempting to stay at tion may tryyour nerves, so you pio, stay on top of bills, paper- home. But you have responsibili. may be interested in hiding out work and anything else that helps ties, and they need to be tended somewhere. Later in the week, youtogetorganized. Onceyou're to. You can always relax once you will have the chance,finished catching up, resolve to your work is done. be more organized going forward. 1) What was Detroit most renowned for manu- 6) Studies support that people perform better on facturing at the turn of the 20th century? tests when they have what? Staplers, Chewing tobacco, Boots, Bicycles Good pencil, Breakfast, Not much sleep, A cold 2) Nathaniel Taylor portrayed what character 7) Lili de Alvarez was the 1st woman player to do on older TV's Sanford and Son. what atWimbledon? Bubba, Rollo, Grady, Lamont Cuss official, Wear shorts", Throw racket, Default match 3) Phobos, one of the moons of Mars, makes how many complete orbits around the planet 8)Who isthe only former president buried within every day? the boundaries of One half, 3, 6, 27 Washington, DC?Wilson, Eisenhower, JFK, Reagan ) What did most everyone in the Middle Ages 9) In 1903 how many days did it take the first elieve was the "seat of intelligence"?automobile to cross the U.S.? Stomach, Brain, Heart, Eyes 11, 25, 52, 100 5) From recent surve~/s what is considered the most honest profession? Ministry, Nursing; Teaching, Carpentry 10) Brutus Thornapple is/was the star of what comic strip? Drabble, The Buckets, Flight Deck, The Born Loser I am a country recording artist born on June 18, 1976. I have mentored young singers on a popular reality show. Answers and Solutions on Page 15A UO laqs a)lel8 :la suv